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Aiksaurus: The Thesaurus for the Command Line

by Rill

Aiksaurus is a command line thesaurus. Aiksaurus produces a list of words. The words are grouped together by type in alphabetical order. The groups will be shown with a heading preceded and followed by equal "=" signs. If a word cannot be found, a list of words which alphabetically precede and follow the word you specified are given.


Aiksaurus is not installed by default on Vinux. To install it:

  1. Open a terminal: "Ctrl+Alt+t".
  2. Type the following two commands. Enter your user password when prompted.
  3. sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install aiksaurus
  4. Enter "y" for yes, when prompted to proceed.

An Example

Here's an example. Let's choose the word "star".

  • Type:
    aiksaurus star
  • Here's the output I received from this command.
       === superstar ================
    diva, headliner, hero, heroine, lead, leading lady, prima ballerina, prima donna, principal, protagonist, singer, star, superstar
    === sun ======================
    candle, fire, flame, glim, illuminant, lamp, lantern, light bulb, match, moon, star, sun, taper, torch
    === come out =================
    appear, barnstorm, come out, debouch, emote, emotionalize, mime, pantomime, patter, sketch, star, steal the show, stooge, troupe, upstage
    === pip ======================
    badge, beam, chevron, epaulet, hash mark, oak leaf, patch, pip, spread eagle, star, stripe
    === victor ===================
    champ, champion, comer, conqueror, first, hero, laureate, master, paragon, star, subduer, success, top dog, vanquisher, victor, winner
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