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 +===== Booting from live media =====
 +To boot from the live CD/DVD, place it into the CD/DVD drive and then restart your computer. Most computers will automatically boot from a CD drive if they detect a bootable disk. If not, you may have to change the bios settings so it boots from CD/DVD before the internal hard drive, or alternatively you may have to press a function key after turning the computer on to bring up a list bootable devices. ​
 +Unfortunately neither the bios or the boot list are accessible to someone using a screen-reader,​ so you may need sighted help to change the bios settings and/or learn the keystrokes to bring up the boot list and select the CD/DVD drive. ​
 +If you don't have an internal CD/DVD drive then you can use an external USB optical drive, or alternatively download the USB version of Vinux and boot it from a USB pendrive. ​
 +Please note that since Vinux 4.0 the images can be written to optical media as well as USB sticks.
 +When the system finishes booting you will hear "​Welcome to Orca!"​.