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How To Burn an Optical Disk Using Brasero

by Peter Tesar

From the desktop you can burn a CD or DVD using Brasero.

Invoking Brazero

There are several ways to invoke Brasero. Choose the one that works best for you.

  1. Type "brasero" from the "alt+F2" run box.
    • Press "Alt+F2". An edit box appears.
    • Type:
    • brasero
    • Press "enter".
  2. You can open a terminal.
    • Press "Ctrl+Alt+t".
    • From the terminal command line, type:
    • brasero
    • Press "Enter".
  3. Gnome classic. Use the menus.
    • Press "Alt+f1" to navigate to Menus→Sound & Video→Brasero.
    • Press "Enter".
  4. using the Dash
    • Push the Super key, also known as the Windows key
    • Type:
    •     * "brasero"
    • Press "Enter".
  5. Using Classic Indicator in Unity
  6. Press "Alt+F10" and arrow "Left" aproxametly six times until you hear image window.

Navigate to >Sound & Video→Brasero.


These are the steps you need to take before you burn your disk. I assume you have already placed a disk into your opticle drive.

  1. To blank a RW disk:
    • Press "Alt+t" for the "Tools" menu.
    • Arrow down to "blank" in this menu.
    • Press "enter".
  2. Tab and select a project. For example, select the Data Project button
  3. Press "enter". A new frame appears.
  4. When you have a blank RW disk loaded, there will be a combo box with:
     Blank CD RW disc: 700MB of free space
  5. Select the "add" button to continue to the next frame.
  6. Your focus might be on the location text field. Reverse tab and you will hear your user name followed by: "toggle button pressed". This means that your Home directory is the default.
  7. Reverse tab to the name column header. This puts focus on a list.
  8. Arrow down to hear the items in your Home directory.
  9. Highlight the folder containing files you want to burn.
  10. Double press the numpad slash to open the folder.
  11. Press "ctrl+a" to select all.
  12. Select the "add" button.

Burning the Opticle Disk

When you have selected all the files you wish to burn to the opticle disk:

  1. Tab to the "files" column header.
  2. Arrow down to verify that you have selected the files you want to burn.
  3. Select the "burn" button to start the process.
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