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cfh get remote support

CFH, cry for help is a program for Vinux users where remote assistance can be requested.

If you break something on your Vinux install or just can't get something to work, a Vinux guru may be your answer.

Vinux gurus are people with experience on common problems tha tVinux users may experience whom can answer a cry for help.

All cfh sessions are fully logged and gurus are hand picked that can be trusted on your system.


To initiate a cfh request you must have sudo rights, if you are using the user you set up when installing Vinux you will be a member of the sudoers group.

sudo cfh

If by typing this you see:

sudo: cfh: command not found

That will indicate the cfh program needs to be installed, see installing programs with apt-get for more information or type:

sudo apt-get install cfh

Now that the cfh and ssh dependencies are installed re-type:

sudo cfh

You can expect to see something like this:

Checking network access...
Please type a description of the problem you are having.
You can use more than one line.
To end your description, enter a period by itself on one line.


cfh was written by Bill Cox and Sina Bahram for the Vinux project.

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