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 Start by installing the command line application. Start by installing the command line application.
- sudo apt-get install chntpw+  
 +sudo apt-get install chntpw
-please ​complete how to. . .+  
 +From the man page 
 +chntpw is a utility to view some information and change user  passwords in  a  Windows ​ NT/2000 SAM userdatabase file, usually located at \WINDOWS\system32\config\SAM on the Windows file system. It is  not  necessary ​ to know the old passwords to reset them.  In addition it contains a simple registry editor (same size data writes) ​ and  hex-editor ​ with which  the  information contained in a registry file can be browsed and modified.  
 +Please ​complete how to. . .
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