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Downloading a Vinux ISO

When you go to the Vinux downloads page, you are presented with various options.

Beginning with the latest Vinux release, architecture then CD or DVD images.

Some Vinux releases are also available as USB and Virtual images.

The latest release of Vinux is always listed first where as older and archived Vinux releases are on the old downloads page referred to at the bottom of the downloads page.

If you are unsure about your architecture,be it 32 or 64 bit go with the safe bet of 32 bit. If your computer has over 4GB of RAM it is most likely to be a 64 bit CPU.

The long string of numbers is called an MD5 sum, this is a digital fingerprint of a file.

You can download this file and compare it to your image to ensure that your image has not been corrupted during download.

You may see references to Vinux project server, Sourceforge or other download mirrors that may be available.

This helps you to download your image as quick as possible by selecting a download location geographically close to you.

Please be aware that some images such as the DVD release are larger in size and you need to make sure that you have suitably sized media to write these images.

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