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Using the Firefox web browser

Firefox is the default web browser shipped with Vinux.

To open Firefox press:

Super + 2>

Firefox starts on the Ubuntu Start Page in a Google search box.

To navigate you can:

Tab or Shift + Tab to search through the resulting links
Up/Down arrow keys to move up or down lines.
Control + left/right arrow keys to read word by word.
Enter to open a link.
Control + Enter to open a link in a new Tab.
Shift + Enter to open a link in a new browser window.

You can also jump directly to certain parts of a web site by using avigation keys:

H for headings
P for paragraphs
L for lists
E for edit fields
B for buttons
U for links that are unvisitted
V for links that have previously been visitted
T for tables

Of course you can move in the opposite direction by prepending the Shift key such as:

Shift + H for headings
Shift + B for buttons

You can go back one page by pressing:

 Alt + Left

For a full list of the Firefox/Orca keybindings, press Control+Insert+Space while running Firefox with Orca and then press the Right key until you get to the Keybindings tab and then Tab twice to start reading the list of keybindings. You can also read the Firefox Orca keybindings by holding down the Orca key and pressing H twice.

There is a Mozilla article that has a comprehensive keyboard command list.

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