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Getting started with Vinux

Below are resources you may find helpful when getting started with Vinux.

They are split into individual articles for external linking purposes.

Please start by downloading a Vinux image, you may want to read the latest release notes for Vinux.

Check the integrity of the downloaded image by checking the MD5 sum.

Once the integrity has been confirmed, you can burn the image to optical media.

After booting from the live image you just created, you will be greeted by the orca screenreader.

You can use insert spacebar to bring up the Orca preferences window where you can configure the screen reader.

If you do not have an insert key you can open the orca preferences window by pushing:

ALT + F2 then
orca -s

in the dash or a terminal.

Control ALT T opens a terminal window in any of the three graphical desktops available in Vinux5.

Please be sure to consult How to partition your drive prior to Installing Vinujx

If you find yourself without sound please read over our sound indicator information.

Default Vinux Applications

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