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Introduction to Gnome-shell

The Gnome wiki does a very good job of explaining this so start there and read on for quick tips.

Super M move to the message tray, for missed notifications or chat messages.

Super A Move to the activities view

Record your Desktop right from Gnome-shell

Shift Alt Control R

Changes from Unity

You may be used to using keyboard shortcuts in a specific way, this will try to show you the differences for Gnome-shell.

In Unity to access the menus or indicators we use

Alt F10

In Gnome-shell we use

Super f10

If you don't like or have trouble holding

Shift Control Alt arrow

To move an active application to another workspace, you can do it in Gnome-shell by

Alt Space

Choose from the workspace menu items to move to a specific workspace or up/down.

When launching applications from the dash


If you want to open another instance of an application, such as Nautilus, when you type the name and hear Orca speak it, pushitem

Control Enter

You can also right click for extra options with

Shift f10
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