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Gnome Terminal

Often people may give a command for you to perform such as:

  1. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
  2. md5sum -c iso-name

The Gnome terminal application is invoked by pressing the following keys at the same time:

- Control, Alt + T

This will spawn a new window on your screen with:

- vinux@vinux:~$

This is called a prompt, the terminal session is waiting for a command to be typed.

This article is using a default user account found on a live Vinux image.

The prompt is broken into four sections.

- Username of the account being used, in this case vinux.

- Hostname of the system, in this case also vinux.

- ~, this refers to the home directory of the user. On Vinux this is /home/vinux/.

- $ represents a Bash prompt that does not have elevated privellages.

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