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-======How to setup Thunderbird’s Mail Accounts and Options====== 
-  by Peter Tesar 
-This article is based on Thunderbird version 8. 
-To send and receive mail, there must be an internet connection. 
-======Mail Account setup====== 
-  When starting Thunderbird,​ for the first time, the mail account setup wizard will guide you through the process. ​ 
-  Fill in the required information. 
-  Setup will then attempt to retrieve the incoming and outgoing server names and port numbers from the Mozilla database. If these are not correct, they can be changed manually. 
-======Manually changing E-mail Accounts====== 
-  To open a new account, go to: 
-  FILE | New | Mail Account 
-To change an existing account, go to:\\ 
- EDIT | Account Settings 
-To change the incoming address\\ 
- arrow down to ‘Server Settings’\\ 
- tab to the ‘Server Name:’ edit field. Type either\\ 
- ​pop.domain or imap.domain\\ 
- The corresponding port number must match. 
-To change the outgoing mail:\\ 
- arrow down to ‘Outgoing Server (SMTP)’\\ 
- tab to the default list and select\\the Edit button. 
-The outgoing server name might be:\\ 
- ​smtp.domain or mail.domain\\ 
- The corresponding port number must be correct. 
-Note: your ISP technical support can provide the correct server names and port numbers. You may also need to get the correct authentication and security values. 
-======Customizing Thunderbird Options====== 
-  To optimize Thunderbird,​ you may want to change some of the default options. ​ 
-  A few important ones are listed below. 
-Personally, I prefer to have the message pane and startup welcome message turned off. I also have each message opened in an existing message window and having it closed when deleting or moving from it. 
-Initially, I had autosave turned on (for every 3 minutes). I soon noticed that when writing a new message, the focus changed every 3 minutes. Turning this feature off fixed the problem. 
-The message pane can be turned off (on the fly) with F8 or by unchecking the Message Pane in: VIEW | Layout menu. 
-F6 will cycle between the folder and the message lists. 
-In Thunderbird'​s Preferences (Orca+ctrl+space-bar),​\\ 
-in the Thunderbird page,\\ 
-consider checking:\\ 
- ​Automatically start speaking a page when it is first loaded. 
-Some options to consider changing are in the Edit 
-menu. On entering Preferences and Account Settings, you will be placed on a list of primary tabs. The first, General, has only one tab page while Advanced has multiple secondary tabs. 
-These secondary tabs are listed on the line below the primary list.  
-After highlighting a primary tab, tab once and if you hear the word ‘page’, you are on this secondary list. Arrow right through these secondary tabs. 
-Tab through the objects on the page to check or uncheck boxes, highlight choices or select buttons. Continue to tab to return to the primary list. 
-Returning later, to the EDIT | Preferences,​ will place focus on the last visited primary tab. 
-Here are some options of interest. 
-In EDIT | Preferences | General\\ 
- show the start page in the message area\\ 
- Play a Sound\\ 
- the option to use another sound file 
-In EDIT | Preferences | Display | Formatting\\ 
- font, size and colour 
-In EDIT | Preferences | Composition | General\\ 
- ​Autosave every ...\\ 
- ​Confirm when using keyboard shortcut to send message\\ 
- Check for missing attachments\\ 
- ​Provide keywords that suggest that there should be an attachment\\ 
- Font, size and Colour 
-In EDIT | Preferences | Composition | Addressing\\ 
- ​Automatically add outgoing Email addresses to …\\ 
- ​Highlight an address book: Personal, imported, Collected 
-In EDIT | Preferences | Composition | Spelling\\ 
- Check spelling before sending\\ 
- ​Enable spell check as you type 
-In EDIT | Preferences | Advanced | Reading&​Display\\ 
- Open messages in an existing message window\\ 
- Close message window/tab on move or delete 
-In EDIT | Account Settings | Composition&​Addressing\\ 
- ​Compose messages in HTML format\\ 
- ​Automatically quote the original when replying\\ 
- Start my reply above the quote\\ 
- and place my signature below the quote\\ 
- ​Include signature for replies 
-  !!End of Article. 
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