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===== How to's ===== In this section you will find articles with Step by step instructions to perform a wide variety of tasks. [[brasero_burning|Burning optical media with Brasero]] [[text_voice_communication|Chatting with other Vinux users]] [[shortcut_key|Creating a shortcut key]] [[create_vinux_rescue_dvd|Create a Vinux rescue DVD including Image for Linux]] [[create_rescue_usb|Create a Vinux rescue USB flash drive including Image for Linux]] [[fbcmd|Facebook from the CLI: FB broke it, FBCMD]] [[find_executable|Finding an executable program]] [[find_audio_track_length|Finding out the length of an audio track]] [[hud|HUD, Heads Up Display]] [[import_export_thunderbird_firefox|Import/export for Thunderbird or Firefox]] [[language_support|Installing and Configuring Language Support]] [[installing_vinux4|Installing Vinux 4.0]] [[mac_install|Installing Vinux 3.x on a Mac]] [[mangler_on_android|Mangler on Android]] [[mate_install|Mate_Desktop Installation and Accessibility]] [[Move_txtfiles_linux_windows|Move text files between Linux and Windows]] [[ Mutt_Configuration_and_Basic_Use|Mutt, Getting Started with a Great Email Client]] [[partitioning|Partitioning]] [[quick tips|Quick Tips]] [[seeing_your_folders|Seeing all your folders in Thunderbird]] [[how_to_setup_thunderbird_s_mail_accounts_and_options|Thunderbird mail account and preferences]] [[how_to:rip_or_trim_a_video_archive_author_and_burn_a_movie_dvd|Rip trim author and burn a movie DVD]] [[skcmd]]|SKCMD, An alternative command line interface for Skype [[skype_pidgin|Using Skype with Pidgin]] [[Sudo|Sudo]] [[unity|Using the Unity desktop]] [[voxin|Voxin install guide for Vinux 4X systems]] ===== Categories you may also be interested in ===== [[cli|Vinux command line]] [[accessible_applications|Accessible applications]]

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