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HUD - Heads up display

By Burt Henry for the Vinux Project.

Another convenient feature available in unity is the HUD. Press the right alt key and you will hear hud pane, then just type the full or partial name of a program you want to interact with. For example typing file will bring up a list of choices similar to this:

  1. accessories; file manager
  2. system-tools; log file viewer
  3. accessories; files
  4. system-tools; personal file sharing

Arrow down through the list of choices till you find the program you wish to launch. The more you type the more you narrow down the options that will be displayed, and typing the full name of a program as it is named in the applications menu will show only that program.

An application that is already opened will have a few options that will vary depending on the nature of the program including restoring it if it is minimized minimizing to tray, (makes the program show up in the indicater bar), quitting and or starting another instance.

The other great feature about the HUD is you can also search for menu items. Explore this feature and share your experience with friends.

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