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Importing and Exporting in Firefox and Thunderbird

By Peter Tesar

Windows users may already have the Microsoft applications Internet Explorer (browser) and Outlook Express (mail client). You may have installed the newer Mozilla equivalent applications: Firefox and Thunderbird. These two Mozilla applications are available in versions for both Windows and Linux.

Below are some suggestions to guide you through the import and export process. Bear in mind that with frequent version changes, these features may be relocated, non-existent or even not working.

To import to Firefox or Thunderbird, you may already have created backup files.

Windows Users

In Internet Explorer 9, you export to an html file through:
FILE | Import&Export | export to a file | Favorites checked | Favorites

In Outlook Express, you export the address book to a file through:
FILE | Export | Address Book

Linux Users

Import and Export Bookmarks in Firefox

You can import or export Book Marks using the html format.

In Firefox 3, you can go through:
BOOKMARKS | Organize Bookmarks
Use flat review to left click on ‘Import and Backup’ or alt+i
Select either Import or export
Type the file name and select either the open or save.

In Firefox 8, you can go to "Show All" (ctrl+shift+o) or:
Bookmarks | Show all Bookmarks
Use F10 to get to the menu bar. Arrow right to 'Import and Backup' and arro down through the selections.

Import Address Book to Thunderbird

 Go to: TOOLS | Address Book | TOOLS | Import …
 Highlight Address Books and select next 
 Arrow down to highlight the type, e.g. *.ldif
 Enter the file name and select open. 

Export Address Book from Thunderbird

 Go to: TOOLS | Address Book 
 Tab to the Address books list and highlight: Personal, imported or collected. 
 Go to: TOOLS | Export …
 Type the file name and select save.

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