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 +====== Importing and Exporting in Firefox and Thunderbird ======
 +  By Peter Tesar
 +Windows users may already have the Microsoft applications Internet Explorer (browser) and Outlook Express (mail client). You may have installed the newer Mozilla equivalent applications:​ Firefox and Thunderbird. These two Mozilla applications are available in versions for both Windows and Linux.
 +Below are some suggestions to guide you through the import and export process. Bear in mind that with frequent version changes, these features may be relocated, non-existent or even not working. ​
 +To import to Firefox or Thunderbird,​ you may already have created backup files.
 +======Windows Users======
 +  In Internet Explorer 9, you export to an html file through:
 +  FILE | Import&​Export | export to a file | Favorites checked | Favorites
 +In Outlook Express, you export the address book to a file through:\\
 + FILE | Export | Address Book
 +======Linux Users======
 +=====Import and Export Bookmarks in Firefox=====
 +  You can import or export Book Marks using the html format.
 +In Firefox 3, you can go through:\\
 + ​BOOKMARKS | Organize Bookmarks\\
 +Use flat review to left click on ‘Import and Backup’ or alt+i\\
 +Select either Import or export\\
 +Type the file name and select either the open or save.
 +In Firefox 8, you can go to "Show All" (ctrl+shift+o) or:\\
 + ​Bookmarks | Show all Bookmarks\\
 +Use F10 to get to the menu bar. Arrow right to '​Import and Backup'​ and arro down through the selections.
 +===== Import Address Book to Thunderbird =====
 +   Go to: TOOLS | Address Book | TOOLS | Import …
 +   ​Highlight Address Books and select next 
 +   Arrow down to highlight the type, e.g. *.ldif
 +   Enter the file name and select open. 
 +===== Export Address Book from Thunderbird =====
 +   Go to: TOOLS | Address Book 
 +   Tab to the Address books list and highlight: Personal, imported or collected. ​
 +   Go to: TOOLS | Export …
 +   Type the file name and select save.
 +!!End of Article