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Mangler on Android

by Mo Iqbal and Rill

You can run Mangler from your Android phone. Note:We each have an Android phone running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

  • Download the "Mangler" app from the Android market.
  • Search for:
  • Mangler
  • It is free and open source.

Configure the Settings

Here is how we have configured Mangler:

  • Leave the microphone volume as is.
  • Full screen mode is ticked.
  • Prevent sleep mode is ticked if you want to prevent your phone from locking.
  • Force 8 KHZ transmit is not ticked.
  • Set screen orientation, up is a personal choice. If you specify portrait and hold your phone in landscape mode, you will have to cursor left and right for options rather than up and down.
  • character encoding is not ticked.
  • Push to talk toggle is not ticked as we're setting a keyboard shortcut. touch( screen users may want to leave this ticked. (Please send the editor more information on this.)
  • Enable custom PTT key ticked.
  • press select on set custom PTT key. press the key you want to be your PTT key, then tap on OK by using the touch screen. We selected the shift key. However, it is necessary to touch OK on the touch screen. You may need sighted assistance for this. There is also a cancel button. In our experience, the value was zero before key assignment and fifty-nine when the shift key was pressed.
  • Vibrate on PTT is ticked. This is a personal preference.
  • Audible notification is ticked. This is a personal preference.
  • TTS channel audible notification is ticked. This is a personal preference.
  • TTS pages is ticked. This is a personal preference.
  • press the back button to save your settings.

To Add A Server

  1. To add a server, click on the add server button or select it from the menu. There are six unlabelled edit boxes on this screen. See the Vinux Ventrilo Server section for the appropriate values. note: This section is not yet available.
    1. The name by which you want to identify the server.
    2. Host name.
    3. Port.
    4. Password. Leave this blank if there is no password.
    5. Type your name as you want it to appear on the server.
    6. Automatically join a channel.
  2. click the save button.

Connecting, Editing and Deleting A Server

  • To edit or delete a server, press enter or long press on the selector to bring up a context menu.
  • to connect to the server, short press the selector button on its name. Note: Remember to press your push-to-talk key to start talking. Release the key when you are finished speaking.

Connecting to a Vinux server

If you are not yet using Vinux, our Ventrilo server information is as follows:

port: 3784

Please note that Vinux users on our server are spread across various timezones, please give time for someone to say hi if you are able to.

So many support sessions go unanswered as people can be inpatient or not aware to stick around a while.

Talk soon

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