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MD5 sum

If you are experiencing difficulty after downloading a Vinux image, you may be referred to this article to check the integrity of your downloaded image.

The file you downloaded should have a .md5 file extension, the file contains a 32 character digital finger print of the images well as the matching iso file it belongs to.

Vinux offers this file as a download to easily verify the integrity of the downloaded image.

If the file has been corrupted in anyway during the download the md5sum will not match the one provided on the website and you will need to download it again.

To check the md5sum on a Linux system, download the 32 character string link on the Vinux downloads page for your version of Vinux.

  1. Open Gnome-terminal with Control, Alt + T

Navigate to where you downloaded the image, for this article we assume the image is in the Downloads directory of your home directory.

  1. cd Downloads

Please be sure that Downloads has a capital D.

  1. md5sum -c vinux-4.0-desktop-i386.iso.md5

- when you press enter this will return if the file is ok, or not. If not you will have to download the iso again if you want to avoid frustration later on.

If you wish to compare the two strings or have sighted assistance type:

md5sum vinux-4.0-desktop-i386.iso

This will return the md5 string of the image that you can compare the two strings, if they do not match please download your image file again.

If you are checking the md5 sum within Windows then you will have to download and install a md5checksum application for Windows.

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