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Media keys

This is an ongoing knowledge base of media and boot option keys on Netbooks, Ultrabooks and Laptops. below are known models contributed by our community, if you are able to contribute information to this article please send it through our Vinux Contact US form.

Fn refers to the function key on devices, it is commonly the second key in from the lower left corner though on some models it will be the first key in the corner.


Travelmate series

FN + up arrow = volume up
FN + down arrow = volume down
FN + F8 volume?


eee PC 900HA

eee PC 1000HE

FN + F7 = mute/unmute
FN + F8 = volume down
FN + F9 = volume up

Asus U36

FN + F10 = mute/unmute
FN + F11 = volume down
FN + F12 = volume up

This page by Tim Fisher has really good information furthering this article.

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