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Vinux Project minutes for March 10th 2017

1. Present

Rob Luke Bill Kendell Travis Kyle B Jerry Chrys Mark Kendell

2. Apologies

Kyle Atrill

3. Move minutes from previous meeting - not needed yet

4. Business arising from the previous meeting

Bugzilla but needs upgrading has been added to wiki as admin and will figure out upgrades, user management and backups

Voxin, we bought 400 US licenses and about 92 UK licenses.

Sold 70 US and 12 UK so far.

user dictionaries have been set-up for voxin that we can use to filter out crash words making voxin slightly more stable.

Jerry and Kendell to provide a complete list of crash words with regular expressions, to Luke, he can implement regexp support. has set up nextcloud initially.

gnome-online accounts has support for next cloud

5. Correspondence

6. Treasure Report - not needed

7. Project leed update

Rob to continue the merger announcement.

Kendell advised he has already announced to Sonar list.

Vinux 6 problems discussed, not a lot of work once images are installable

8. Development discussion

discuss arm builds not having any ppa equivalent and how that effects us now

Vinux based on Ubuntu we use PPA, personal package archives which gives us a quick easy way to build packages. Coprs can be used on Fedora which is similar, but they only support X86 right now. Fedora do have hardware ready for copr builds but it has not been deployed as yet, there is a bug filed against it indicating some work needs to be done still. Kyle and Luke have been discussing setting up their own builders, but X86 could use a copr and then use our own system for Arm, but as a developer you have to upload two lots of packages. If we had our own system using everything, you push to git then can pull from that repo and build your package. Use Vinux dedicated VPS for master builder. has IBM rack server which could be a good builder.

Put builders on a VPN.

Fedora's support lifecycle, and how we manage it for VInux Fedora.

Fedora releases are supported for around 13 months.

Luke plans to install Fedora 24 once 26 is released as 24 will still have a month of support.

Kyle B suggested Install some packages, change settings then try to skip an upgrade and see how it goes.

Should Vinux support three releases at some stages, with a month overlap.

Accessibility profile work done in Ubuntu and if it should be ported to Vinux for Fedora.

Luke happy to write a Mate applet and a gnome extension to support the profiles.

Anaconda supports add-ons, may be helpful if we can use Anaconda to support the accessibility profiles.

9. Vinux products

What hardware Fedora supports well and what should the general specs of Vinux hardware shipped out to users

Fedora Arm hardware, specifically the C2 would have the most headless support in the mainline kernel released from Fedora 26.

By the time Fedora 27 is released Kyle B believes that Vinux will be ready to provide Arm Vinux hardware. Hopefully that the XU4 will also be supported.

Luke to assist with kernel bootstrapping.

X86 machines are still available for Vinux builds

EOMA68 support in the future, they are offering options to include several different operating systems including Fedora.

Put Marcus (MZB)) in touch with the Kyles.

10. General business

Wikis by Chrys

Keep Vinux related topics on the Vinux wiki and general a11y to linux-a11y wiki.

Chrys wants to port all relevant general a11y from other wikis into the wiki.

Form new teams for Vinux

Project manager

Rob Whyte

Vinux development

Luke - team leader

Kyle B




Kyle A


Vinux documentation and testing

Bill - team leader

Kyle B

Kyle A






Peter T?

Vinux hardware

Kyle B - team leader

Kyle A


Vinux PR

Kyle B - team leader




meeting closed 10:40pm UTC

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