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To open the Nautilus File Manager press:

Super + 1

This will take you to your home directory and you can explore what is there by using the cursor keys. You can open a folder/file by pressing Enter when it is selected, and you can go back up one level by pressing backspace.

By default Nautilus is displayed in list view, this is a single column of files/documents with information about the number of items/size, the file-type and the date/time modified. While in list view you can view the contents of folders without switching to them by pressing the Right key (Left to close).Ctrl+3 switches to compact view which only lists the name of the directory/file in a single column.

You can push the Applications key while a folder/file is selected which will bring up a menu of options.

Nautilus is a very powerful File Manager and has many complex functions such as multi-pane viewing (F3), Bookmarking (Ctrl+D) and a side pane which can display different types of information.

Finally you may notice that when you open files outside of your home directory with Nautilus you cannot modify or delete them. This is because you need admin rights to modify files that do not belong to your user.

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