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Orca preferences

When Orca first starts Prior to Vinux 5, there will be a small window with four buttons, Preferences, Quit, About and Help.

If for some reason you can not find this window you can still get to preferences by pressing:

 Insert + Space

If you just booted Vinux for the first time the Orca key will be the insert key. You can change this in the general tab of the Orca Preferences. If you are on a laptop you can still use your insert key along with space to open the Orca Preferences.

Once opened you can navigate the different tabs: General, Voice, Speech, Braille Keybindings, etc by pressing Left and Right arrows while the tab view has focus.

To move between the tab view and the items with in each section use the Tab key.

Check or uncheck boxes with the space key. Move up and down through combo boxes with the arrow keys. You can navigate radio buttons with up and down arrows. Press space to make sure the option you want is checked. As an example, here are the steps required to turn off keyboard echo:

Press orca+space or find the preferences button in the Orca window prior to Vinux 5, then press space.
Press right arrow until you hear key echo page tab.
Press tab until you hear enable key echo checked.
Press space to toggle the check box which will disable or enable the key echo.
If you finished making changes Tab till you hear the OK button then push Enter.

You can also change Orca's settings for specific applications. While the application has focus press:

Control, Orca + Space

After that, every time the application is loaded, you will have your custom settings saved. Some applications have extra settings: Firefox, for example, has an additional page tab. The preferences is also a great way to learn Orca's key bindings and to assign your own. There are some great extra functionality that is not bound to keys by default, reading the last few system notifications is a good example of this.

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