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-[[|F123]] +[[|F123 project info]][[|F123 downloads available in English, Portuguese and Spanish]]  
- +
 [[|GRML Debian live system rescue]] [[|GRML Debian live system rescue]]
- +
  [[|Knoppix ADRIANE Debian live image talking Desktop system]]  [[|Knoppix ADRIANE Debian live image talking Desktop system]]
-  + 
-[[|Sonar GNU/Linux]] +[[|Sonar GNU/Linux]] 
- +
 [[|Speakup modified Fedora]] [[|Speakup modified Fedora]]
-  + 
-[[|Talking Arch]] +[[|Talking Arch]] 
- +
 [[|Trisquel GN/Linux]] [[|Trisquel GN/Linux]]
- +
 [[|Vinux project]] [[|Vinux project]]
- +
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