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Pastebinit is a command line program that can paste the contents of a file or command output to a pastebin.

a pastebin is a website to share text quickly with people, it is great to share conf, log or text files.

Often on IRC you are not allowed to paste huge amounts of text, it goes against general guidelines and is frankly rude.

How to install

Make sure you have admin privellages then using a virtual console or Gnome-terminal type:

sudo apt-get install pastebinit

After authenticating with your user password answer yes and with some luck you will now have pastebinit installed.

Basic use of pastebinit

Try using pastebinit with cat, | or pastebinit itself.

pastebinit filename

That in just a few seconds will return a url displaying the file you specified on the page.

cat filename | pastebinit

That does the same thing but using a different method

An example to return a link that lists any MP#'s in your current working directory.

ls -1 *.mp3 | pastebinit

Some IRC clients support the /exec command where you can type the shell command directly into your client to have the URL appear on your screen.

/exec cat filename | pastebinit

Enjoy and spread the love.

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