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pcmanfm A Fast Flexible GUI Filemanager

The pcmanfm filemanagerdoes not have some of the system integration that nautilus, Vinux's default filemanagerprovides such as send to and UbuntuOne functions, but its feature set is flexible enough that many users find that pcmanfm meets almost all of their file management needs.
Pcmanfm's main advantage is its speed. You can browse even very large directories as soon as you open them with almost no lag in orca response.

How to Install

PCMANFM was included in most Vinux3.x releases. To install pit on Vinux4, Ubuntu, or many other Debian based distros type

sudo apt-get install pcmanfm 

in a console or gnome terminal.

Basic Usage

For good accessibility set the default view to detailed list.
This is done in the general settings tab of the window that opens when you enter on preferences found under edit in the main pcmanfm menu-bar. It can also be set temporarily in the view menu. In the display tab icon size can be changed to improved visibility for those with some sight. Preferences are organized in four tabs: general, display, volume management and advanced. Most defaults should be good for most users, but take a look and decide for yourself.

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