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Vinux 3.0.2 released

We are happy to announce the release of Vinux 3.0.2, based on Ubuntu 10.04.4. Changes in this release include:

  • Kernel
  • Orca XDesktop 3.1.19.
  • Firefox 10.0.2.
  • Thunderbird 10.0.2.
  • Minor package changes as well as Vinux specific console branding grub configuration.
  • Vinux tips on console log in.
  • Orca Customizations and man text scripts thanks to StormDragon.
  • Easy install scripts optimized.
  • Extra system sound schemes added.
  • USB install script included.
  • Luke's speakup DKMS package included, you no longer need to run restorespeech after a new kernel is installed. Speakup automatically builds at kernel install. Please be sure to leave Linux-headers-generic metapackage installed.
  • CFH and openssh.
  • CPU frequency daemon installed by default.
  • Remastersys no longer deletes ssh keys for remastering.
  • YASR is no longer included, encountered frequent errors and not used.
  • Removed ISO master and GTK record my desktop to insure the CD image is under 700 MB.

Vinux 3.0.2 manages extra sources with apt-add-repository, /etc/apt/sources.list.d contains stable Mozilla, vinux and more package archives.

The default desktop is Classic GNOME 2.x as you have come to expect from Vinux LTS releases.

This version is available as CD and DVD both 32-bit and 64-bit images, USB and Virtual editions.

Warning: The DVD images contain some non-free codecs and packages. Using these versions in the USA, Japan and countries where the legislation allows patents to apply to software and distribution of restricted technologies may require the acquisition of 3rd party licenses.

I would also like to take this opportunity to extend a special thanks to the following people:

Rob Whyte for building the CD and DVD images.

Dedicated testers, Nimer Jaber and the development/testing teams for feature suggestions and feedback.

Special thank you to Bill Taylor for his constant dedication to testing and detailed reporting of bugs throughout this development cycle. Although Bill wasn't expecting recognition, his contribution has been outstanding.

Thanks to everyone for your support and feature suggestions.

Please head on over to: Vinux downloads to download your prefered release.

It is our hope that this release continues to deliver what you have come to expect from Vinux.

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