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 +===== The Vinux team is pleased to announce the availability of Vinux 4.0 CD and DVD images. =====
 +This is the first Vinux release featuring the Unity-2d Desktop which improves on transition to Vinux and introduces newer and increasingly stable accessibility features.
 +We now recommend that when possible users perform updates on a regular basis. This will enable the Vinux team to update packages, and introduce new features.
 +===== Some of the highlights in Vinux 4.0 =====
 +  * Brand new build process: Vinux now uses the same method to produce our images as Cannonical produces Ubuntu.
 +  * Console speech just works. Much time and work has taken place to meet our blueprint goal https://​​vinux/​+spec/​vinux-4-functional-console-screen-reader
 +  * Voxin is easy to set-up. Vinux has taken one step further in making Voxin easier to install.
 +  * Quantal kernel: We are using a newer 3.5 kernel back ported to Precise offering better hardware support than ever.
 +  * Classic menu. Vinux now has a Classic menu indicator which provides the old style menu whilst in a Unity environment.
 +  * Vinux wiki. Our community is highly committed to providing clear and easy to follow documentation. http://​​
 +  * Vinux easy install scripts converted to meta packages.
 +  * Pico voices. We are shipping with the Pico voices once again.
 +===== Fixes =====
 +  * Images now work on optical and USB media instead of separate builds in the past.
 +  * Weather indicator fixed, previously stopped working due to API changes.
 +  * Gnome login sound fixed, Ubuntu set to be disabled by default.
 +  * Fresh and clean sound theme added.
 +  * PC speaker beep removed from blacklist, console users can again use it.
 +  * Console branding. Vinux will identify itself at a virtual terminal and upon login offer tips of the day.
 +  * Flite and Pico now available as separate packages.
 +  * Cicero moved to a separate package also, will stop loss of speech from the curious.
 +  * Revised keyboard shortcuts.
 +===== Software =====
 +unity-2d 5.14
 +LibreOffice 3.5.7 <DVD only>
 +Speech-dispatcher 0.8
 + ​Gnome-orca 3.4.2
 +Espeak 1.47
 +Firefox 21.0
 +Thunderbird 17.0
 +Cry for help, remote assistance by Vinux gurus.
 +Just to mention a few.
 +===== Known bugs =====
 +The indicator panel is not accessible from Firefox and Thunderbird.
 +Console speech has been completed, but it probably needs some stability improvement.
 +===== Availability =====
 +Vinux 4.0 is now available in the AMD64 and i386 architectures and available in both CD and DVD versions.
 +This contains everything necessary to install the Vinux operating system and a collection of pre-defined packages aimed at visually impaired users. This should be all you need if you can burn and use DVD-sized media.
 +This also contains everything necessary to install the Vinux operating system and a collection of pre-defined packages aimed at visually impaired users. Use this image if you can only burn and use CD-sized media.
 +Vinux 4.0 can be installed from optical media or from a USB memory stick. The required files can be downloaded via HTTP as described below.
 +===== Support =====
 +The Vinux development team currently plans on supporting 4.0 until June 2015.
 +Our mailing list has a supportive community on Google groups at http://​​group/​vinux-support or you can subscribe by sending an email to
 +===== Acknowledgments =====
 +  * Rob Whyte, ​ Vinux project manager.
 +  * Mobeen Iqbal. website manager, Vinux project manager from October 2011 till May 2013.
 +  * Luke Yelavich. Development team leader.
 +  * Bill Taylor. Testing team leader.
 +  * Karen Searle for proofreading and editing the documentation,​ website and wiki.
 +  * The Vinux team would also like to thank Christopher Chaltain, Kendell Clark, Burt Henry and members of the Vinux support mailing list for their ongoing support.
 +===== MD5 Checksums: =====
 +fb79a7174f207ae5ff8a908d58c60363 *vinux-4.0-desktop-amd64.iso
 +b4e3ca80f16be3991db19261c663bda9 *vinux-4.0-desktop-i386.iso
 +2a5089976a0991aee516a14ff080b384 *vinux-4.0-dvd-amd64.iso
 +14e38b9701e388a45a5e4849323388be *vinux-4.0-dvd-i386.iso
 +===== Downloading Vinux =====
 +The Vinux downloads page has links to our provided mirrors, the fastest speeds will be atained by chooseing the Sourceforge mirror.
 +[[http://​​downloads/​|Vinux downloads]]
 +Thank you for supporting Vinux.
 +Kind regards
 +Rob Whyte
 +Vinux project manager