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The Vinux team is pleased to announce the availability of the Vinux 5.1 desktop image.

This release features not just the Unity Desktop, but Gnome-shell and the ever popular Gnome 2 fork called Mate, though we primarily will support Unity only.

Remember we recommend that when possible users perform updates on a regular basis. This will enable the Vinux team to update packages, and introduce new features. Vinux 5.1 is based upon Ubuntu Trusty Tahr LTS.

Some of the highlights in Vinux 5.1

Up to date accessibility infrastructure. Gnome-ORca 3.20 with updates available for 3.22 AT-SPI 2.20 with updates available for 2.22 Brltty 5.4 Speech-dispatcher 0.8.5 Liblouis 2.6.2

Known bugs

We are unable to include the Vinux 4.0 console speech changes due to Vinux 5.1 not using consolekit any longer, please see for more information. To use speechd-up log in to your desktop session and run sudo speechd-up from a gnome-terminal or add a startup item to do it automatically upon login.

There seems to be a bug in the console if you use speakup-tools to save local speakup settings. How ever as a work around you can still gain access using sudo or root.


Firefox 48 with updates available to 5.0.1 Thunderbird 45.2 with updates available to 45.5 Unity 7.2.4 Gnome-shell 3.10.4 Mate 1.8 LibreOffice 4.2.8 Espeak 1.48 Evince 3.12.2 Clam av 0.98.7 with updates available to 0.99 Kernel 4.40 from Xenial


Vinux 5.1 is available in the AMD64 and i386 architectures

They contain everything necessary to install the Vinux operating system and a collection of pre-defined packages aimed at vision impaired users. 

This should be all you need if you can burn and use DVD sized media. Vinux 5.1 can be installed from optical media or from a USB pen drive. The required files can be downloaded via HTTP as entailed below.


This is a long term support release, the Vinux development team encourages users to download and install Vinux 5.1 We are unable to commit to a support date due to lacking development resources.

Contacting US

Our mailing list has a supportive community on Google groups at or you can subscribe by sending an email to Follow us on Twitter @vinuxnews. We are on Facebook


  • Rob Whyte, Vinux project manager.
  • Luke Yelavich. Development team leader.
  • Bill Taylor. Testing team leader.
  • Karen Searle for proofreading and editing our documentation, website and wiki. Also for designing our new logo.
  • The Vinux team would also like to thank Christopher Chaltain, Burt Henry, Peter Tesar and members of the Vinux mailing lists for their ongoing support.

MD5 Checksums:

* vinux-5.1-amd64.iso f29d5ae0f5e7371b297efd5bef9eecd4 * vinux-5.1-i386.iso dce508f1dbfc10a109b866835b6e4d4f

Downloading Vinux

Vinux has chosen Source forge for our preferred downloads. This way users can gain fast access to over 17 mirrors and give us feedback to user statistics.

Thank you for supporting the Vinux project.

Kind regards Rob Whyte Vinux project manager

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