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Using the Rhythmbox media player

To open Rhythmbox press:


to open the dash and type:


Or the first few letters.

Arrow down and choose to open or install Rhythmbox.

If this is your first time using Rhythmbox the first thing you will want to do is press:

Alt + E

to get into the Edit menu, press Down arrow until you find Preferences.

There are several tab views. Take time to tab through each option in each of the tab views so that Rhythmbox will display information and work exactly like you want. The Music tab, for example lets you specify the directory where your music is stored and asks if you would like to watch the selected directory for new files.

After you have set everything up to your liking and pressed Enter on the Close button you can press Tab to get into the section where you choose the type of media you want. It starts on music and if you arrow Down you will get more choices like podcasts,, etc. The items in this list can change based on the plugins you have enabled. You can enable and disable plugins by selecting the Plugins option under the Edit menu.

When in the music view, you can specify the songs you want to listen to by artist, album, and/or track. Just use Tab to move to the appropriate list and Up and Down arrows to navigate through it. You can also just start typing what you want in the selected list and if there is a match you will be taken to it. After you have made your selection Tab to the control buttons and press Space on Play.

Note, to close Rhythmbox press:

Alt + M

then arrow Down to quit.

If you press:

Alt + F4

the interface goes away but it is still running and will continue minimized.

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