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 +===== Adding A Global Shortcut Key =====
 +By Rill
 +Sometimes you want to have a shortcut key to perform a command you use frequently. Here's how To add a shortcut key:
 +For Vinux 3x:
 +  - Open the menu. Press "​Alt+F1"​.
 +  - Navigate to ">​System->​Preferences->​Keyboard Shortcuts.
 +  - Press "​enter"​.
 +For Vinux 4x:
 +  - Open the Launcher. Press "​Alt+F1"​.
 +  - Navigate to System settings and press "​Enter"​.
 +  - Navigate to Keyboard and press "​Enter"​.
 +  -   - Tab to the "​add"​ button. Press "​enter"​.
 +  - Type a name for your shortcut. For the BlueFish Editor program you might type one of the following:<​code>​
 +BlueFish Editor
 +  - Press tab.
 +  - Type the command you want to execute with your shortcut key. In our example, you would type:<​code>​
 +  - Tab to "​Apply"​
 +  - Press "​Enter"​.
 +  - Scroll down the list again to the bottom and find the name you entered.
 +  - Right arrow once to the shortcut column.
 +  - Press "​enter"​.
 +  - Type the shortcut key you wish to use. In our example, you might type:<​code>​
 +  - Tab to the "​Close"​ button.
 +Voila. You have a shortcut key for your application.