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Using the Thunderbird eMail client

If you are coming from a windows environment and have used Thunderbird previously, you should not have any difficulties adjusting to Thunderbird on Vinux.

If you have not, however, we will attempt to walk you through setting up an email account and sending your first email.


Alt + F2

Start typing Thunderbird then press Enter.

If this is the first time you have run Thunderbird the new account window, will be presented.

Otherwise, you can access the new account wizard by the Tools menu under Accounts.

The first screen will ask you for your name, email address, password, and if you would like to remember your password. All very self-explanatory! When ready, click Continue. If you are unaware how to do this, you must use the Tab key to get between the fields then press Space or Enter on the Continue button. Thunderbird will then attempt to find your email settings automatically. If it succeeds, you may go ahead and click OK to complete the process and skip past the next step. If you need to do it manually, click on the "Manual Setup" button - it will take you through the screen that asks for your username and email server information (if it's a POP3, IMAP, or Webmail account etc). Also it will allow you to adjust the ports, and encryption that you will need. If you have set up an email account previously, you shouldn't have any trouble. Once your new account has been configured, you should see your Inbox. Press Enter on messages to read them, use your Up and Down arrows to move through inbox items and use the Delete key to delete messages.

To compose a new email Press:

Control + N

This brings up a new write message dialogue positioned on the To edit field.

Type the persons email address you wish to email and push Tab.

Now type the subject of the email in and press Enter.

The last edit field is the email message body, type your email, review and when ready press:

Control + Enter

to send the email. Thunderbird will ask if you are ready to send the email, press Enter on the OK button and to prevent queries in the future tick the checkbox with the Space bar to not show this question again.

Finally your focus will be returned to the inbox.

For a more comprehensive guide please see How to setup Thunderbird’s Mail Accounts and Options

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