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Contacting the Vinux community

It could not be any simpler, the Vinux community is waiting to help you on your way to diving in and enjoying the fun and flexability that Vinux has to offer.

Vinux comes pre-installed with a couple of methods straight out of the box to get a real time line of communication going with other Vinux members.

You can use our Irssi IRC client to chat in text in our Vinux chat room, or a voice chat with our push to talk Mangler Ventrilo client for Vinux.

Failing those options we have several Google group mailing lists for you to choose from.

Any of these lists you can subscribe to straight from the comfort of your email client.

Send an email to for our general support mailing list.

Send an email to for our documentation and testing mailing list.

Or for Vinux development and getting involved with Vinux

Please feel free to write an email telling members a little bit about yourself, any experience with Linux you may already have and what operating system you are coming from.

There are several Vinux editions you may be using so when asking for support please give as much information as possible.

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