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 ===== Vinux resources ===== ===== Vinux resources =====
-[[|Vinux testing and documentation mailing list]] 
 [[|Vinux support mailing list]] [[|Vinux support mailing list]]
 +[[|Vinux testing and documentation mailing list]]
 [[|Vinux Development mailing list]] [[|Vinux Development mailing list]]
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 [[|Vinux on Twitter]] [[|Vinux on Twitter]]
-[[|Vinux on Facebook]]+[[|Our Facebook like page]]
 +[[|Our Facebook group]]
 [[|Vinux on Distrowatch]] [[|Vinux on Distrowatch]]
 [[|Vinux on Launchpad]] [[|Vinux on Launchpad]]
-[[|Vinux build scripts on Sourceforge]]+[[|Vinux build scripts on Sourceforge - depricated]]
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