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Installing Voxin on a Vinux 4x or 5x system

By Kendell Clarke for the Vinux Project.

What is Voxin

Voxin is an old Eloquence synthesizer commonly used with JAWS screen reading software. It is not the latest, the version is Eloquence 5.0.

Why would I want Voxin

If you have not been able to adjust to the Espeak voice, or if you want a more familiar sounding synthesizer, you can install the Eloquence voice.

Where can I get Voxin

Voxin can be purchased from Vinux for the UK or US English languages.

Vinux products

The cost is only $5 US per language. Additional languages other than the two offerred from Vinux can be downloaded from


After purchasing, you will receive a download link via email. Click on the link to download Voxin and continue with these instructions.

Let's install and make it work.

Locate your Voxin download, usually in the Desktop or Downloads folder. Select the Voxin tar archive usually a tar.gz file extension then right click on it. For this article we are using Voxin 0.43.

Newer versions as always only address newer installs of Vinux, ubuntu, Arch Fedora etc. The actual Eloquence driver has not changed, so be aware your tar archive may contain a later version number which would effect the content below.

If you are on a Vinux 5 system you will need to firstly install an update available here:

If you are only using the keyboard, push the Applications context key to the right of the space bar or Shift + F10.

Otherwise simply right click.

Navigate down and select to Extract here.

At the top of this folder you should also have a voxin-0.43 folder and another sub folder inside of that called voxin-enu-0.43.

Open a Gnome Terminal with

Control + Alt + T 

Then change into the directory needed. For example if your original download was in Downloads you will need to type:

cd Downloads/voxin-0.43/voxin-enu-0.43/

Be sure to check this article for case sensative names like Downloads.

To start installation using sudo.

sudo ./ 

The installer first updates your package list and offers to install any dependencies if any need to be satisfied. If the installer asks to install extra packages, say yes. This requires internet access.

Read the licensing terms and type no to display the license again.

Careful, you are asked next if you wish to use Voxin with Speech-dispatcher and Orca.

If you are using a Vinux system it is important here to answer no.

The Voxin installer will now exit displaying:

Changes will take effect on next boot. Goodbye. 

you now need to install the speech-dispatcher-ibmtts package.

Most people skim this article and miss this important step.


 sudo apt-get install speech-dispatcher-ibmtts:i386

Once complete you can reboot your computer or restart Orca:

Control + Alt + O

If you do not hear the Voxin voice and have restarted your computer, you may need to enter the Orca preferences:

Insert + Space

Or for a laptop style layout:

Caps lock + Space

Select the IBMTTS synth in the Voice tab.

If everything went correctly, you should hear Orca speaking with Voxin.

Be aware that if you use a fast rate of speech that Voxin will seem faster and you will need to return to your Orca preferences as shown above to slow the rate of your speech in the Speech tab.

If you also intend on using Voxin in a console with Speechd-up you may wish to consult our speechd-up wiki article.

For further support or questions please join the Vinux support mailing list at and ask for help.

You can also get help with Irssi on our IRC channel #Vinux on

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