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wodim - write data to optical disk media

Wodim is used to record content to optical media, if you are wanting to write to USB pen drives please see dd disk dump

Wodim, a command line optical disk burner

by Peter Tesar

From the command line, you can burn a CD or DVD using wodim.

For these examples, we will assume that there is a blank RW disk loaded and the current working directory contains the files to burn.

The following examples are mostly self-explanatory.

Syntax: wodim [options] tracks

Note: if there is only one optical device, then wodim will use it by default. If there are multiple devices, you can list the device names using:
$ wodim --devices

The /dev or /media directories may contain symbolic links like 'cdrom' or 'cdrw'. point to a specific device name or symbolic link using the 'dev=' option.
See the examples below.

to blank/erase a rw disk:
$ sudo wodim -eject blank=fast - slowest speed (if supported)

To create a Vinux live CD:
$ wodim -v dev=/dev/cdrom vinux.iso
$ wodim -v dev=/dev/sg0 vinux.iso

To create an audio CD using .wav files:
$ wodim -v -pad -dao speed=4 *.wav
$ wodim -v -pad -tao Music/*.wav

Note.: You may need to unmount the cdrw device before blanking it:
$ sudo umount /dev/cdrom
$ sudo umount /media/data - if the RW disk has the label 'data'

Wodim options:
-audio or -data (optional) > audio assumed with .wav files
-blank=fast > for minimal erase
-eject - after completion
dev=cdrom > target to write to (optional)
-dao (Disk At Once) > or Track At Once
-pad > add zero sectors after each track
speed=4 > (optional)
-v > increase verbosity

With newer systems, not all options are necessary because wodim will search the environment for the proper settings.

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