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-====== wodim - write data to optical disk media====== 
-Wodim is used to record content to optical media. 
-To access the device your user needs read and write access so will be prompted for your [[sudo|sudo]] password. 
-======Wodim, a CLI optical disk burner====== 
-  by Peter Tesar 
-From the command line, you can burn a CD or DVD using wodim. 
-For these examples, we will assume that there is a blank RW disk loaded and the current working directory contains the files to burn. 
-The following examples are mostly self-explanatory. 
-Syntax: wodim [options] tracks 
-Note: if there is only one optical device, then wodim will use it by default. If there are multiple devices, you can list the device names using:\\ 
- $ wodim %%--%%devices 
-The /dev or /media directories may contain symbolic links like 'cdrom' or 'cdrw'. point to a specific device name or symbolic link using the 'dev=' option.\\ 
-See the examples below. 
-to blank/erase a rw disk:\\ 
- $ sudo wodim -eject blank=fast - slowest speed (if supported) 
-To create a Vinux live CD:\\ 
- $ wodim -v dev=/dev/cdrom vinux.iso\\ 
- $ wodim -v dev=/dev/sg0 vinux.iso 
-To create an audio CD using .wav files:\\ 
- $ wodim -v -pad -dao speed=4 *.wav\\ 
- $ wodim -v -pad -tao Music/*.wav 
-Note.: You may need to unmount the cdrw device before blanking it:\\ 
- $ sudo umount /dev/cdrom\\ 
- $ sudo umount /media/data - if the RW disk has the label 'data' 
-Wodim options:\\ 
- -audio or -data (optional) > audio assumed with .wav files\\ 
- -blank=fast > for minimal erase\\ 
- -eject - after completion\\ 
- dev=cdrom > target to write to (optional)\\ 
- -dao (Disk At Once) > or Track At Once\\ 
- -pad > add zero sectors after each track\\ 
- speed=4 > (optional)\\ 
- -v > increase verbosity 
-With newer systems, not all options are necessary because wodim will search the environment for the proper settings. 
-!!End of article 
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