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Welcome to the Vinux project wiki. Please use the headings below or the content links at the top to skip to specific sections, you can also view all wiki articles on our [[|site map]]. ===== What is Vinux? ===== Vinux is a [[|Ubuntu]] derived distribution optimised for the needs of blind and partially sighted users. By default Vinux provides two screen readers, Braille support plus an accessible suite of applications. When you boot the Vinux image, you are greeted by [[|Orca]] which enables you to navigate the graphical desktop environment with keyboard navigation. As of Vinux 5.0 released November 2015, images include [[unity|Unity]] [[gnome-shell|Gnome-Shell]] and the [[mate_install|Mate]] Desktop environments. It is our hope that the single image we will now be providing for each both 32 and 64 bit architectures will be able to accomidate all users. If you would like to know more why not talk with the [[vinux_community|Vinux community]] before getting started. ===== Downloading Vinux ===== We are often approached by generous users offering Vinux FTP mirror space for our images. We are extremely grateful but prefer to use the SourceForge link below as we can track downloads and have access to many world wide servers. [[|Vinux downloads on Sourceforge]] Choose the closest server from around the world for downloading Vinux. ===== Frequently asked questions ===== [[faq|Frequently asked questions]] =====Vinux Basics===== This section contains information about Vinux, how it began and why it exists. It offers a place to look over information useful to those new to Vinux or those who may not have used recent Vinux releases. [[getting_started|Getting started]] [[troubleshooting|Troubleshooting]] ===== Useful links ===== [[vinux_links|Vinux resources]] If you know of some links here that need updating or should be added, plese [[|contact us]]. [[release_announcements|Release announcements]] [[youtube_links|Vinux in the media or on Youtube]] [[accessibility_links|Accessibility links]] [[other_projects|Other accessible Linux distros]] [[general_links|General links]] [[audio_links|Audio links]] ===== How To's ===== Enjoy the articles submitted by our community. They include short step by step guides on completing specific tasks as well as articles on installing and basic use of popular programs. [[how_tos|How To's]] [[cli|Vinux command line]] [[accessible_applications|Accessible applications]] ===== Vinux classes ===== From time to time we offer classes via IRC or, push to talk voice chat clients, take a look at past classes conducted by members of the Vinux community. [[vinux_classes]] ===== License ===== The documentation on this wiki written by [[|The Vinux Project and its contributors]] is licensed under a [[|Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License]].B

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